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Aavik P-280

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Aavik P-280 – Power amplifier with power and dynamics

The P-280 power amplifier masters the two typical Aavik virtues that have come to characterise all their products – excess power and ultra-low noise. The P-280 does this in an incredibly harmonious way, creating a musical soundscape that is at once emotionally light and at the same time heartfelt and passionate. In order to produce the large and holographic sound image, Aavik has used some of the most advanced technologies and components. The sound image has also been further refined by splitting the integrated amplifier into two separate parts, as this has allowed the noise floor to be reduced, the signal to be refined and the power resources to be increased even further than before. Last but not least, this separation of pre and power amplifiers has made room for brand new technologies that provide a significant improvement in the sound image and its black background.

International, Scandinavian design

Looking at the P-280, there’s no doubting its geographical origins – the design expresses simplicity and minimalism, broken only by the large red display, which makes all the details and operating settings easy to read. Buttons are kept to an absolute minimum, ensuring logical operation with the large multi-function main button to navigate and control the various functions.

High-performance cabinet design

One of the things that sets Aavik apart from the other brands is their holistic approach. The new ranges think about the impact of the enclosure on sound in a whole new way, so they’ve gone to great lengths to reduce the amount of aluminium in the enclosure because it has poor mechanical resonance. Instead, they have tested and designed a new innovative nature-based composite material that reduces mechanical impact and sonic distortion.

The design is another element that has really been put a lot of effort into, in the design development of the P-280. The inspiration comes from musical instruments and how their shape as well as the choice of materials influences the quality of sound. That’s why you don’t see any hard edges on Aavik’s devices, because it negatively affects and defines the tones. Instead, you see a perfect combination of its materials and contours, chosen for their ability to produce warm harmonious and powerful sound. This ensures an authentic reproduction that is so crisp and raspy that it enables you to experience every detail of the music.

Aavik UMACTM amplifier

To provide unparalleled audio control, Aavik have used their patented UMAC amplifier technology, which has been developed to avoid the faults of traditional switching amplifiers. UMAC technology specifically addresses two areas of modulated amplifier design. The first is that it produces Pulse-With Modulation with sine-wave modulation, and this creates a much smaller high-frequency noise than the more common triangle modulation. Here there are no sharp corners and therefore much less inductive filtering is required at the output. The lower inductance of the output gives the P-280 a better damping factor, which means you get significantly better speaker control. Another benefit of UMAC technology is that the advanced dual mixed mode feedback allows attenuation factors found only in the very best linear amplifiers.

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Aavik P-280

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