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Ansuz Ball for Darkz

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Ansuz Darkz are resonance-controlling decouplers, which are important components when electronics, cables and speakers need to be mechanically grounded.

It is important that all components of a system are mechanically grounded correctly, as internal and external vibrations and resonances reduce performance significantly. Ansuz Darkz can effectively minimise this problem by driving the vibration and noise away from any component.

Ansuz balls are the link that connects Ansuz Darkz, and they are available in three performance variants: ceramic, titanium or tungsten. These balls are used as the link to the Ansuz Darkz Feet, or if you choose to stack multiple Darkz on top of each other for even better resonance control.

Between 2 pcs. Darkz need 3 pcs. balls.

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Ansuz Ball for Darkz

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