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Ansuz Darkz Z2s

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Ansuz Darkz Z2s – The ultimate resonance control

With the flagship Darkz Signature Z2s, Ansuz has achieved a new milestone in effective resonance control. By focusing on the precious and highly musical Zirconium material, Ansuz has managed to unlock a whole new dimension of musicality. The resonance-controlling Zirconium material creates a sound that is unparalleled in its naturalness, purity, precision and attention to musical detail. This is musical sophistication of the finest order.

Refined with special coatings

Ansuz has further optimised the Darkz Z2s by applying their Supreme coating to each disc. This coating can only be achieved by placing each of the Zirconium wafers in a HiPIMS PVD (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) machine to create a fine and uniform layer of Zirconium, Tungsten and Titanium followed by a layer of Titanium Nitride. Finally, a layer of Zirconium is applied to the discs, to give the Darkz its unrivalled musical properties. This is innovation at its best!

Ansuz Darkz Z2s

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