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Ansuz Jumperz D2 4 pcs.

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Ansuz cables are Danish handmade, so if you want special lengths or configurations it is possible. Feel free to contact us at 98 16 14 10 or mail


With the D2 series, Ansuz has combined all their technologies – DGC(Direct Ground Connector technology), DIHC(Double Inverted Helix Coil technology) and NSC (
Noise Suppressing Coil technology)
– with their best materials and the best available mechanical properties.

No expense has been spared to offer you a higher level of reference than what has been possible to experience so far.

The precision-turned aluminium parts have received special surface treatment to ensure the unique tonal characteristics of D2-series cables.

Ansuz cables are not so much about exotic materials and fancy names. The cables are based on a fundamental understanding of how to transfer current and voltage in the best possible way, with the least possible impact. Thus the important values for inductance and capacitance are extremely low.

All links in the chain are important, so even if you have speakers with standard shorting clamps above the bi-wiring terminals. Ansuz Jumperz is a big improvement in this space.

Standard configuration is 30 cm long with spade connector to banana connector.

Also available with banana plug or spade plug

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Ansuz Jumperz D2 4 pcs.

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