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Ansuz mainz D-TC2 Power Cable

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All cables in the previous D-TC series have been replaced with D – TC2 upgraded cables.
In fact, the design and technology is more a scaled-down version of the D-TC Supreme series than it is an upgrade of the previous cables. Speakz D-TC2 must be powered by a latest generation PowerBox for best performance. The speaker cable can also pass power to drive the Børresen 05 or the new D – TC2 Jumperz. All D – TC2 connections must be connected to a PowerBox. Since the Mainz D – TC2 is self-powered, it does not need external power for the active parts.

Ansuz D-TC2 cables have an amazing ability to let you experience natural micro-details in your recordings that you haven’t heard before. The D-TC2 cabinet series features a beautiful and aesthetic design with selective laser engraved D-TC housings that integrate beautifully into your sound system.

In general, Ansuz is not only about exotic materials and chic terms. It’s much more about a deeper understanding of how to transmit signals, voltage and current through a cable with the least possible impact. It’s also why we’re focusing on reducing inductance and capacitance values to unprecedented levels.

Ansuz mainz D-TC2 Power Cable

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