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Ansuz Mainz D2

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More musical and dynamic than ever before.
Michael Børresen and the Ansuz team have designed four brand new lines of cables and accessories, replacing the well-known Ansuz POM, Aluminium, Ceramic and Diamond series.

AARC® technology
This is a new Ansuz technology developed by Michael Børresen. Any length of cable will tend to act as an antenna. By receiving it, signals from the atmosphere are received and resonate in specific frequencies determined by the length. These unwanted effects will always influence the signal transmitted in the cable. With AARC® technology, we can completely remove these distortions, making the signal clearer and more dynamic than ever before

Improved performance
New design and connectors
DGC® technology
DIHC® technology
Introduction to AARC® design *

extra meter, 33.000,- per meter

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Ansuz Mainz D2

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