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Ansuz PowerSwitch X-TC

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Make your streams come true……..

The most well-known and recognized product from Michael Børresen’s hand is undoubtedly Ansuz Mainz8 power & ground distributors. The silent and black background these power rails create in any High End system is, together with the expanding dynamics and the increased detail, the whole foundation for music experiences in the renowned Ansuz universe.

The Michael and Ansuz team have now thrown their love into music streaming and, with the development of PowerSwitches in four different quality levels, have pulled the “grey veil” away from the music and boosted streaming audio quality up to – or perhaps above – CD quality…….?

An Ansuz PowerSwitch is distribution and noise reduction. A PowerSwitch in your network does much the same for your data network as a Mainz8 does for your power network.
When you connect your system to the Internet, you also connect to “The World Wide Web of noise!” Naturally, this noise that blurs and compresses the music must be suppressed. An Ansuz PowerSwitch can do that like no other network component.
In addition, a PowerSwitch also contains a PowerBox that can supply power to the active Ansuz digitalz cables.
Since we also have lots of Ansuz technologies such as Sparkz and Tesla coils in the new PowerSwitches, these add to the “power” of the Mainz8 around which you have already built your system. More is more …..

Whether you stream online from music services like Tidal, Sportify, Qobuz or stream locally from a music server or NAS, a PowerBox will be the heart of the network you can’t live without.
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Ansuz PowerSwitch X-TC

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