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Ansuz Signalz D2

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The king is dead – the king is alive!

The new D2 series lifts the legacy of Ansuz’ very famous Diamond series, which among others achieved the highest one could hope for -Editor’s Choise from The Absolute Sound.

The D2 series not only stands on the shoulders of the Diamond series, it has also benefited from the advances Ansuz has made with the ultra High End series D-TC.
The D2 series now uses the advanced Tesla Coil technology from D-TC in all signal and speaker cables.

In D2, this technique can be used without the need for an external power supply, or you can upgrade with the D-TC PowerBox and use the technique actively for even better results.
In addition to DIHC (Double Inverted Helix Coil Technology) and DGC (Direct Ground Connector Technology), the D2 series also uses AARC (Anti Areal Resonance Coil technology) which eliminates the cable’s tendency to resonate and receive signals/noise from the environment.

Ansuz Signalz D2

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