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Ansuz Speakz C2

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More musical and dynamic than ever before.

Michael Børresen and the Ansuz team have designed four brand new lines of cables and accessories, replacing the well-known Ansuz POM, Aluminium, Ceramic and Diamond series.


Ansuz and the development team continue to succeed in uncovering and eliminating the negative impact of cables on the signal. First, inductance and capacitance in the cables were reduced to unprecedented values with DIHC (Double Inverted Helix Coil technology). Now introducing AARC (Anti Areal Resonance Coil technology) which eliminates the cable’s tendency to resonate and receive signals/noise from the environment.

You will find AARC in the C2 & D2 series.

As good grounding is extremely important for all audio/video components, Ansuz DGC (direct Ground Connector) is used in all Ansuz power cables and power rails.

The default configuration is banana jack to banana jack.

Also available with spade or as a combination spade/banana – banana/shovel.

Ansuz Speakz C2

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