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Ansuz Speakz P2

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More musical and dynamic than ever before.
Michael Børresen and the Ansuz team have designed four brand new lines of cables and accessories, replacing the well-known Ansuz POM, Aluminium, Ceramic and Diamond series.
High End audiophile performance


With the implementation of Ansuz core technologies DGC (Direct Ground Connector technology) and DIHC (Double Inverted Helix Coil technology), P2 series cables offer performance at the highest audiophile level.


Ansuz cables are not so much about exotic materials and fancy names.
The cables are based on a fundamental understanding of how to transfer current and voltage in the best possible way, with the least possible impact. Thus the important values for inductance and capacitance are extremely low.

With the introduction of the new 2-series, Ansuz Acoustics has taken another remarkable step up in price/performance ratio. So it is with the P2, which is at least on a par with the previous Aluminium series in performance – that is, in the absolute world’s elite without costing a fortune.

As good grounding is extremely important for all audio/video components, Ansuz DGC (Direct Ground Connector) is used in all Ansuz power cables and power rails.

Ansuz Speakz P2

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