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Audiovector QR 1

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Audiovector QR 1 – The new benchmark for its price class

With the new QR 1, Audiovector has created a speaker that seriously shakes our perception of what is sonically possible for such an affordable compact speaker. The speaker features an AMT driver that draws on Audiovector’s experience from their high-end +$70,000 series, a brand new cone technology and an outstanding design. The result is a speaker that sounds incredibly warm, accurate and detailed, while being dynamic and musical.


  • Natural, fluid, detailed and musical sound
  • Extremely investment friendly
  • Simple and timeless design
  • Golden Air Leaf Motion Tweeter (AMT tweeter)
  • S-stop filter eliminates hissing noises
  • Pure piston dual magnet bass driver
  • New membrane technology
  • Acoustically optimised enclosure

The secret of success

If there’s one thing that characterises Audiovector, it’s that they never compromise on quality. That’s why they’ve also equipped the QR 1 with an excellent AMT disc, previously reserved for the much more expensive series, and even fitted an S-stop filter in front of it to eliminate any hiss. The result is an extremely airy, open, clear and detailed treble where the top never sounds compressed. Audiovector has mounted the tweeter with only three screws, because they have discovered that this number creates the least interaction with the cabinet, and therefore provides a cleaner sound. To ensure the sound is as clean and open as possible, they’ve even doubled the size of the speaker’s rear chamber to keep compression to an absolute minimum.

The same goes for the midrange/bass unit, which consists of a unique 3-layer sandwich diaphragm that Audiovector itself helped develop. The special feature of this membrane construction is that it consists of two thin layers of aluminium and a lightweight core, which makes it work perfectly throughout its frequency range. This membrane also has the advantage of not colouring or distorting the sound.

When Audiovector is in charge of developing their devices, it is possible for them to use partial filters that do not load the impedance and make them harder to drive for the amplifier. Therefore, you can get great results with even a small amplifier when playing on all Audiovector speakers, but as with everything else, you get the best results when you pair them with other quality components.

Simple and timeless design

Unlike the larger floorstanding televisions in the QR series, the QR 1 has a narrow and elongated bass reflex port that minimises port noise and provides a nice, clean design. In addition to the speaker’s small physical impression, QR 1 is also sonically designed to easily integrate into the room. This means that the speaker is made to be placed closer to the back wall than other speakers, and therefore QR 1 sounds good whether placed on stands or in the bookshelf. Another advantage is that the speakers no longer need to be positioned far out in the room to sound their best, making them very interior-friendly.

QR 1, like the rest of the range, is available in a beautiful satin white finish that blends perfectly into a room with white walls. If you want to accentuate the speakers, you can choose them in a beautiful high-gloss black piano or dark walnut veneer with real wood veneer. Because QR 1 is so beautiful, it doesn’t need to be stored away.


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Audiovector QR 1

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