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Audiovector QR 3

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QR 3 offers a timeless and minimalist design, and a sound quality that is unrivalled in its price range.

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Audiovector QR 3 – Infinite speaker for the price

The new QR 3 is a slim and compact 2½-way speaker that defies the laws of physics with its big, rich and detailed sound. These speakers are able to play incredibly loud without the sound being either compressed or lacking air on top. Instead, you’ll be impressed by how speakers with such a small physical footprint can fill even large rooms with bass not normally seen in this price range. The bass is deep and extremely dynamic, unlike many of its competitors, which are thinner in the bass area. The QR 3 sound profile makes it a true music reproducer and a versatile speaker capable of playing all kinds of music with incredible conviction.


The QR3’s lets you discover the unique qualities of the high-end brand Audiovector at an accessible price. Their size and design make these slim columns a great choice if you are looking for something discreet yet very stylish. But the purist will also discover a loudspeaker with a lot of talent! Among other things, the flowing midrange and a direct presentation that gives vocals a clear placement on a wide stage, are things that make these Danes a good entry to the middle segment.” – Jamie Biesemans,


“I started the session with Youn Sun Nah playing the track La Chanson D’Helene and instantly the goosebumps appeared. Her voice is beautiful, the bass is suprisingly rich and detailed. Her vocal creates a clear and sharp conture against the black silent background. The QR 3’s grab you and guide you into the music wether you want it or not. You really feel relaxed with these loudspeakers.” – STEREOPLUS (NO) – Håvard Holmedal.


  • Big, spacious and great tonal balance
  • Deep, dynamic and accurate bass
  • Best all-round speaker in the price range
  • Golden Leaf Air Motion Tweeter (AMT2 tweeter)
  • Pure Piston Dual Magnet Bass Driver
  • New rigid, lightweight and soundproof membrane material
  • S-stop filter that prevents hissing noises

Much more than a larger QR 1

If you think QR 3 is just a bigger speaker with more devices than QR 1, you’re wrong. QR 3 is its own speaker, because it only has the devices in common with its smaller sister. The design of the QR 3 uses a bracing similar to that seen inside the much larger and more expensive SR series. Here they have made a brace between the midrange and the bass unit, which is closed with two foam blocks and creates a kind of acoustic valve that allows to control the bass inside the cabinet. At the same time, there are braces right behind the units that fix them completely to the cabinet, which is essential for the units to work optimally. For the record, there are additional braces at the bottom of the base cabinet, which is unheard of for such a thorough cabinet job in this price range. This underlines how meticulous and uncompromising Audiovector is with their quality and sound. They do not compromise!


The devices complete the work

There is a reason why the Kliforth family has put so much effort and thought into the cabinet – it creates the optimal working conditions for the units, which they themselves have helped to develop. Everything Audiovector makes is conceived as a whole, and this is what creates the perfect synergy and harmony that characterises their speakers.


These mid-range speakers feature a Golden Leaf Air Motion Tweeter, which is made to Audiovector’s specifications and lifts the speakers to a level that was unimaginable just a few years ago. The ribbon tweeter ensures that the top sounds incredibly energetic, infectious and with plenty of air around it. Everything appears crystal clear, thanks in part to the S-stop filter, which sits in front of the tweeter and eliminates all hiss, making the instruments sound as they should. As a result, the QR 3 has many of the same features as the more expensive SR 1 Avantgarde and SR 3 Arreté – just at a fraction of the price.


The midrange and bass units have also been developed to Audiovector’s specifications, and consist of two layers of aluminium separated by a foam adhesive with internal damping properties. This 3-layer sandwich diaphragm ensures that the sound is neither coloured nor distorted, and it produces a sound that is warm, precise, detailed and incredibly dynamic. Audiovector calls this driver design its Pure piston dual magnet bass driver, because it makes the units drive like a perfect piston throughout its frequency range. As a result of this design, the midrange is also able to move much higher up the frequency range than traditional aluminium units, which stop at 800 Hz, and this is a major advantage. This means that the partial filter does not have to be activated at 800 Hz, which is one of the most critical frequency ranges for our hearing, but only when the devices cross 3 kHz.


Another advantage of Audiovector making the specifications of their units themselves is that they can make incredibly simple parts filters, and that makes the speakers much easier to drive for the amplifier. Even the smallest amplifiers will drive the QR 3 with impressive results, but as with anything of quality, they will only sound even better when matched with other quality components. Match QR 3 with a
Naim United Atom
, and you’ll have a seriously well-performing system for many, many years to come.



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Audiovector QR 3

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