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Audiovector QR 5

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Audiovector QR 5 – A high-performance speaker with a simple design

The aim of the QR series is to offer the most advanced technology in a perfectly finished and proportioned high-end package. That goal is certainly achieved with the biggest and best performer in the QR series – the QR 5. Its perfectly detailed and silky smooth treble delivers endless hours of musical pleasure that your ears will never tire of listening to. The new midrange/bass units guarantee a big, bold and dynamic sound that will make any recording sound right. In terms of both performance and price, Audiovector has once again created a speaker that is destined to become a new bestseller. We dare to say that you won’t find a better all-round performer for the price than the QR series.

“The Audiovector QR 5 is a lot of well finished loudspeaker for the money with a relatively relaxed demanour, clean leading edges, and strong bass. Excellent! ” – Hi-Fi+ Editor’s Choice 2020 – Alan Sircom.


  • Big, rich and detailed sound
  • Fantastic all-round speaker
  • Versatile system matching
  • Golden Leaf Air Motion tweeter
  • Pure Piston Dual Magnet midrange/bass units
  • New rigid, lightweight and sound-deadening membrane material
  • S-stop filter prevents hissing noises

Built on the experience of the high-end series

The new QR series builds on Audiovector’s experience with stiff, light and silent diaphragms from their SR and R series speakers, resulting in a completely new sandwich diaphragm that Audiovector has helped to develop. The new membrane combines the strength of Aero Space Grade Aluminium with the excellent internal damping properties of softer materials. The result is a 3-layer sandwich membrane that does not colour the sound and has an incredibly low distortion.

The combination of the new diaphragms and the new Pure pistol dual magnet bass driver makes the sound both warm, precise, detailed and at the same time dynamic and musical. In fact, the two thin layers of aluminium with the cushioning lightweight core make it run like a perfect piston throughout its working range, which not many devices can do.

Because Audiovector develops its own membranes, they can use filters that are much gentler than their competitors. This has the advantage that their filters do not load the impedance, which would make the speaker difficult to drive for the amplifier. That’s why you can put even the smallest Rega amplifier to drive a set of Audiovector speakers and get outstanding results.

To tie the whole sound together, the QR Series uses Audiovector’s Gold Leaf Air Motion Tweeter (AMT), which is completely unheard of at this price point. The tweeter is mounted with only three screws, because Audiovector has found that this causes less interaction with the cabinet, and therefore produces a cleaner sound. At the same time, the AMT disc’s spreader lens ensures better dispersion than the dome disc. In front of the tape deck is a filter, similar to those you see in front of the microphone in a professional recording studio. It eliminates all hiss, and together all these elements produce a sound that has never sounded more detailed, open, spacious, refined and musical than any other speaker in its class.

Does all this sound too good to be true? So just read the reviews below or come by and listen. We have the entire QR range on display and we’d be happy to demonstrate them for you.

Exquisite design and finish

QR 5 is a 3-way speaker with a so-called downward Q-reflex port, which makes it easy to integrate into the room. And its smaller siblings make it ideal if you want the ultimate home cinema system. The cabinet itself is built to Audiovector’s high standards, for a quality that is second to none.

The design is timeless and pays homage to the classic Scandinavian traditions that make the speakers fit perfectly into any home. The speakers come in both a satin white, which will almost make the speakers disappear if the room has white back walls. If you want the speakers to stand out more in the room, the speakers are also available in a beautiful high-gloss piano black and dark walnut veneer, and here Audiovector has of course used only real veneer. Because that’s what Audiovector is all about – uncompromising quality from end to end!


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Audiovector QR 5

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