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Audiovector QR Sub

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Audiovector QR Sub – A refined and powerful subwoofer

The new QR Subwoofer is part of Audiovector’s entry-level range, but you wouldn’t think it if you just heard it. The bass from this subwoofer is in fact extremely well-cast, well-controlled and powerful due to its very sophisticated and innovative construction. This construction includes a 10″ bass unit combined with a passive and downward-firing unit that handles the very lowest frequencies, and an extremely high-power amplifier. The built-in amplifier provides incredible flexibility, allowing you to connect it directly to your amplifier or directly to your speakers through the “Speakon” connection.


  • Deep, rhythmic and powerful bass
  • 350W built-in amplifier
  • Pure piston dual magnet bass driver
  • New membrane technology
  • 22- 180 Hz frequency response
  • Beautiful and stylish design

The QR Series Subwoofer

Like the rest of the QR series, the QR Sub features the familiar Pure piston driver, which in short is a 3-layer sandwich diaphragm, with the two thin layers of aluminium acting as the “bread” and the inner foam core as the filling. Audiovector has done this to exploit the light and rigid properties of aluminium, while the internal damping material ensures that the diaphragm does not create unwanted resonances, breaking up the sound at higher frequencies. This diaphragm technology allows the QR sub to deliver honest, sophisticated and fast bass response that never becomes a pure booming bass. It gives instruments like drums an extra kick and depth around them, making it a perfect match for the speakers from the rest of the QR series. That doesn’t mean it’s only useful with Audiovector speakers – the vast majority of speakers will benefit from the QR sub’s extra depth, which will add greater dimensionality to any kind of music.

Stylish design with great finish

The QR sub is available in the same colours as the rest of the QR range. That means you can get the QR sub in a subtle satin white that makes the sub blend nicely into bright surroundings without making too much of a fuss. The slightly more eye-catching colours are a beautiful high-gloss black piano lacquer and a dark walnut veneer, where the wood veneer is of course real, so it fits with Audiovector’s DNA of high quality.

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Audiovector QR Sub

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