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Audiovector R 8 ARRETÉ

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Review stereophile 18-11-2021

Audiovector R8 Arrete.

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“Long live music”.

The few who have been lucky enough to listen to this masterpiece of a speaker know that the R8 is something special.
Possibly the best construction Ole Klifoth has delivered to date, and undoubtedly one of the world’s absolute best speakers to date.
You can easily find much more expensive speakers than R8 Arrete, but hardly any that are sonically better than these ultimate sound generators.

The words perfection and creativity go a long way, but nowhere near far enough when describing a speaker design as elaborate as the R8 Arrete.

The technology and materials behind the R8 are on a level that can rightly be said to be ultimate… A chapter in itself that every self-study enthusiast should take the time to study closely….
No stone has been left unturned in the quest for sonic nirvana…

” How do they play !!!”

R8 Arrete is a great speaker, and they play like a great speaker.
They have a very direct and dynamic appearance and the bass response from these behemoths is nothing short of fabulous.
The built-in bass/compound system is incredibly well integrated into the soundscape and also has a punch that rivals the best on the market today.
What also a test with a set devialet 1000 pro dual monoblocks also demonstrate in full.
2x1000w in 6 ohm ( full screw).
Audiovector R8 stood firm even under such heavy fire….Impressive.
The soundscape is hugely embracing and unfamiliarly detailed.
Here you are really present in the music and are seduced as easily as nothing deep into the artist’s soul…that is, right into the absolute innermost layer of nerve and presence that today is possible….fantastic experience.
This is a testament to the ultimate speaker…..Which the Audiovector R8 Arrete certainly is.

Less can also do it, but for those with the means and interest in ultimate musical experiences, there’s no turning back once R8 Arrete has demonstrated its incredible capabilities.

We currently have Audiovector R8 Arrete on active display at the audio specialist.
We are happy to demonstrate them.
With pride…

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Audiovector R 8 ARRETÉ

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