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Audiovector R Sub Arreté

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Audiovector R sub Arrete.

“More than just a subwoofer”.

The new Audiovector R Arrete sub is much more than just a traditional subwoofer.
A subwoofer is perceived by many purely as a tool for use in a home cinema or simply as a cheap shortcut to deep bass in a standard two-channel stereo set-up.
However, nothing could be further from the truth.
In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of what a properly constructed and tuned sub can do for the overall musical experience.
Be it in use with smaller floorstanding speakers as well as large full-fledged floorstanding speakers.
It is not just a question of more bass and deeper bass reproduction, but rather a question of emphasising what is already present in the existing reproduction.
The fact is, with the right subwoofer, any two-channel stereo system can achieve a much richer and more accurate reproduction that reaches far into the midrange.

Firstly, it is important to focus on a good quality subwoofer that is also designed with stereo sound as its primary purpose.
Secondly, it is crucial for the final result that the sub is calibrated correctly…i.e. set correctly in power and frequency.
Otherwise, you end up with the stereotypical subwoofer just standing in the corner and booming without proper integration into the soundscape…

Audiovector’s new R sub Arrete is a completely different positive experience.
It’s designed by highly competent professionals who have put a lot of thought into two-channel stereo sound.
In fact, the subwoofer is connected directly via the output terminals of your amplifier.
It makes a massive difference to timing and precision that a direct signal is delivered to the excellent amplifier built into the R sub Arrete.
In this way, the sound from the subwoofer integrates perfectly with the existing speakers and becomes a unified sound image. And it sounds really good.

With Audiovector’s new 10″ carbon units and their proven amplifier technology, you can really go far.
Add to that the newly designed cabinet and of course their “freedom” grounding system that really takes the sound to another level….
Then the stage is set for sound experiences far beyond the ordinary.

We at The Sound Specialist invite everyone to come and hear the effect of a properly constructed and calibrated Audiovector R sub Arrete.
Preferably in conjunction with the new Audiovector R series floorstanding or floorstanding speakers.
It certainly gives food for thought.

Surcharge for “customized color” 3.700,- dkr.

Audiovector R Sub Arreté

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