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Audiovector R3 Arreté

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Audiovector R3 Arreté – A compact wonder.

Audiovector and Ole Klifoth are two names that resonate with most enthusiasts worldwide, and not without reason. Audiovector has really helped put Denmark on the world map when it comes to sublime quality sound from relatively compact speakers. Founder and Chief Engineer Ole Klifoth has been exclusively involved in loudspeaker design for more than 40 years, and it shows. Each new and larger model in the Audiovector range has always had audible and vital sonic improvements over its predecessor, and the top-of-the-range R3 Arreté is no exception!

The predecessor SR3 AA was already an excellent speaker, and it is still considered by many as one of the absolute best speakers under 100.000 kr. However, they only cost a little over half. So how much better can the new R3 Arreté be than its predecessor? The response is incredibly better, and it’s impressive how much Audiovector continues to squeeze out of such a compact cabinet and relatively small units. For the laws of physics are hard to circumvent, and the textbooks say that cabinet volume and diaphragm area will always play a decisive role in sound size fullness and realism. But the Audiovector R3 AA is shockingly indifferent to these facts, because it plays like a big full-grown floorstander, and it does so with an authority and realism unheard of in this class.

How can this be done?

A good bet is lifelong experience combined with materials of the highest standard. The new R3 Arreté are equipped with a new optimised partial filter, brand new carbon fibre membranes and a better and more solidly braced cabinet with redesigned airflow. It undoubtedly bears some of the credit for the highly addictive sound reproduction that the R3 AA produces. Add to that Audiovector’s superb R-series AMT tweeter and the new “freedom” grounding system, and the results speak for themselves. And so do the reviews, which have tested and praised the new R3 Arreté to the skies.

We have all the new R3 models in store and will be happy to demonstrate this compact piece of life’s work.

Surcharge for “customized color” 3.700,- DKK


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  • The low compression concept allows the membranes to move freely under even the most demanding conditions. This allows the speakers to play any signal and piece of music with an incredibly credible sound reproduction.
  • Soundstage enhancement concept preserves the soundstage no matter where you stand. The sound fills the room in such a way that you feel you are at a live concert.
  • No energy is an innovation that improves realism and soundstaging, as the units are not affected by the weight of the cabinet.
  • NCS molecular realignment provides a clearer and more detailed sound because the components are frozen down to -238° C. This causes the molecules to realign in the same direction, reducing resistance.
  • Freedom of grounding ensures a clean, accurate and more realistic sound with a low noise level, by eliminating the motion-induced distortion of and between the devices in the speaker.
  • Individual upgrade concept allows you to update the speakers at any time with an improved model.
  • Beautiful and timeless design

Test of Audiovector R3 Arreté

Audiovector R3 Arreté

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