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Audiovector R3 Avantgarde

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“A true audiophile”

The Audiovector R3 Avantgarde undeniably comes from a proud and highly respected bloodline of excellent loudspeakers.
Therefore, one can rightly have high expectations and high sound requirements for this new heir in the series.

Proven technology and knowledge are combined here with innovation and evolution to bring the R3 Avantgarde straight into the high-end league.
When such a compact floorstanding speaker is tasked with going as low in frequency as this one, and at the same time delivering dynamics and punch to match even much larger designs, the fundamentals of enclosure/suspension/damping, and not least the devices that drive the whole thing, have to be well in hand.
And that is very much under control here.
With a 25% quieter cabinet and inherited technology from the ultimate R8, the bar is set, high.
The newly developed “in-house” Carbon units undoubtedly have a major impact on the overall result.
They are simply fantastic.

The sound from the Audiovector R3 Avantgarde is exceptionally detailed and smooth.
The sound escapes the speakers and fills the listening room as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
But it’s the way they do this that’s so impressive …
Audiovector R3 Avantgarde is a rare good speaker that can easily take on the big boys in the industry, and win.

The R3 Avantgarde is not a cheap speaker.
That’s true high-end.
But take a look at the construction and the fine materials used.
Once this is done, lend it an ear.

This is what a true audiophile speaker sounds like.

Surcharge for “customized color” 3.700,- dkr.

Audiovector R3 Avantgarde

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