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Audiovector R3 Signature

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Audiovector R3 signature – A speaker in complete balance

The most restrained model in Audiovector’s new R3 series is no longer called super, as was the case with the previous SR3 models. It’s called Signature and it tells that Audiovector has chosen to put their input level even higher than before. The new R3s undoubtedly have a heavy legacy to pick up after the SR3 Signature, which was one of their best-selling speakers of all time.

Let’s get this straight: the Audiovector R3 Signature is by no means new wine in old bottles. Significant changes and optimisations have been made in many areas, and this can be heard. The sound of the R3 Signature is at least a full level above its predecessor, and this can be clearly heard in the fact that the bass/midrange is more immediate and precise than before. The new 6.5″ carbon drivers also have a very special “plasticity” signature about them, which is extremely addictive to listen to, and shows their clear kinship with the big R8 top model.

There is no doubt that Audiovector has spent a lot of money and hours developing the new carbon fibre units, and the result is nothing short of outstanding. The devices are incredibly fast and delicious in their sonic appearance, and at the same time they go exceptionally low in frequency, considering their modest size. It delivers the deep bass in a superior style without any boom and unwanted resonances. After that, the Titanium coils and R Evotech tweeter only help to raise the new R3 Signature model considerably above its predecessor.

The optimised crossover, together with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, also makes it easy for most amplifiers to drive this great speaker. But R3 Signature deserves better than a mediocre amplifier, and here Primare I15, I25 and I35 have proven to be an obvious choice for the speaker. There’s a superb system match here, but the speakers’ playing style means they can be matched with the vast majority of amplifiers.

If you later want to upgrade to Audiovector’s Avantgarde or Avantgarde Arreté, you can easily do so with Audiovector’s unique upgrade system. Therefore, you can safely start with Audiovector R3 Signature, because you are future-proof if you want the ultimate speaker.

At the sound specialist, we have no doubts about R3 SIGNATURE. It’s an excellent speaker that’s certainly able to live up to the legacy of its popular predecessor.

Surcharge for “customized color” is 3.700,- DKK.


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  • The low compression concept ensures that the devices can move freely under the most demanding conditions. This means the R3 Signature can play all kinds of music with incredible fidelity.
  • Soundstage enhancement concept provides a great soundstage no matter where you are in the room.
  • No energy improves realism and soundstaging by making devices unaffected by cabinet weight.
  • Slim and elegant design

Test of Audiovector R3 Signature

Audiovector R3 Signature

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