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Audiovector R6 Signature

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Audiovector R6 Signature – A powerful and sophisticated speaker

Audiovector R6 Signature is a flawless speaker that offers excellent sound quality and a design that is both timeless and exceptionally elegant. The R6 Signature’s design has been carefully refined by engineers who have used their years of experience to produce a speaker that delivers more than just an audiophile’s dream. With a resonance-deadened cabinet construction and strategically placed Nano Pore damping plates, the Audiovector R6 Signature establishes itself as an acoustic masterpiece among other speakers.

Sonically, the R6 Signature is dynamic, delicate, emotionally revealing and a natural-sounding speaker with great attention to detail. This speaker is rock solid, easy to drive and has an impressive sound that will satisfy every audiophile’s need for both luxury and refinement. The cabinet’s drop shape is not only incredibly beautiful, but together with the laminated rear baffle it reduces unwanted noise and standing sound waves in the cabinet.

Another place where Audiovector excels is in their devices. Unlike many of its competitors, Audiovector does not settle for buying standard units from the best and most respected manufacturers in the world – it contests and asks the best Danish supplier to build them for it. There are many advantages to this choice, as it allows Audiovector to co-design their devices with their own crossovers, so that together they form the perfect unit. Another advantage is that it makes it possible to design much “simpler” crossovers, and this has the effect that Audiovector’s speakers are much easier to drive than many competitors such as Bowers & Wilkins.


  • Dynamic, natural and detailed sound.
  • Entertaining and very musical.
  • Individual upgrade concept allows the speaker to be upgraded, so you are always future-proof.
  • The low compression concept ensures that the cones move freely under all conditions, so the speaker can play all music with a highly credible sound reproduction.
  • Soundstage enhancement concept spreads the sound so you always get a big and coherent soundstage, no matter where you are in the room. At the same time, the sound is dispersed, so you get the feeling of being at a real live concert.
  • No energy is a groundbreaking innovation that enhances realism and soundstaging because the units are not affected by the weight of the cabinets.
  • Elegant and timeless design that also reduces noise and distortion.


Frequency response: 28 Hz – 26 kHz

Sensitivity: 92.5 dB

Impedance: 8 ohm

Power handling: 450W

Sub-filter frequencies: 100/350/3000 Hz

Principle: 3.5-way

Bass system: 8″ + 6.5″ Isobaric Bass Reflex

Mid/bass units: 6.5″ Carbon

Treble: R Evotech

Dimensions (cm): 123,4 x 27,8 x 43,1


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Audiovector R6 Signature

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