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Avid Ingenium Plug & Play

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“So Avid spins at the sound specialist”

We at Sound Specialist have been on a mission to find the right turntables for our store.
This has taken time, and has certainly not been an easy task …
In order to be considered for our product lineup, there are a number of crucial and indispensable criteria that MUST be met.
The products we have on the shelves must be the absolute best in their respective price categories and at the same time the build quality and design must be able to match the all-important which for us is the sound quality.

“A Very interesting Design”

English AVID are certainly no newcomers to the industry…their long history started back in 1995 when boss Conrad Mas founded AVID.
The design philosophy that formed the basis of their first and probably most well-known product, the Acutus turntable, was based on the belief that all existing turntables were designed on outdated principles that placed severe limitations on sound quality.
When the Acutus turntable was launched in 1999, it was radically different and refreshing, yet the technical design of this “pattern breaker” was also started on a completely blank piece of parchment…
Different. Refreshing and innovative. AVID had their first success which was well deserved.
Since then, there has been massive and ongoing investment in the development of a complete hi-fi range that includes everything from the well-known turntables to speakers, cables and amplifiers.
Here you get real pleasure for every penny invested.

We at The Sound Specialist have high expectations and confidence that the market for a “physical” medium like the analogue turntable will only continue its steady rise and development, as many of us real enthusiasts know that nothing beats a really good turntable.

AVID turntables are really good turntables…and at as good and competitive a price as is possible.
And it doesn’t matter that they look good.

The first AVID turntables are just around the corner and we invite everyone to come by our store and get a demonstration of these excellent and innovative “spinners”.

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Avid Ingenium Plug & Play

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