Audiovector cable

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  • 435,50 stk 2.905,50 stk

    “Active grounding” R 3 Arreté and R 1 Arreté have Freedom Grounding. More authority in the bass. More information. More space in the soundscape.

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  • 3.614,00 stk

    ZERO AVANT-GARDE STOP Is essentially a fine-tuned, perfectly upgraded version of the ZERO Avantgarde cable, which is a fantastic performer in its own right. read more  

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  • 2.697,50 stk

    ZERO AVANT-GARDE Is an asymmetric quasi-screened, cryogenically treated speaker cable with impressive dynamics and a great sound level. read more

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  • 2.015,00 stk

    ZERO COMPRESSION SIGNATURE Is a speaker cable with a great dynamic contrast, a great sound level and shielded against airborne distortion. read more

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