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    Audiovector QR 7 – The flagship with dynamics and musical excess. The QR 7 is Audiovector’s new flagship in the QR series, and it’s designed with a very clear purpose – to make music fun and playable again! Its big and vibrant sound transports you to the concert hall or…

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  • 1.254,50 stk

    QR WALL THE NEW PERFECT REAR SPEAKER FOR SURROUND SYSTEMS, OR SUPER STEREO SYSTEM IN COMBINATION WITH QR SUB. QR-WALL is a beautiful, compact wall speaker that works equally well as a rear speaker in a surround sound system or as stereo speakers for small rooms, kitchens, etc. It contains…

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  • 3.562,00 stk

    Audiovector QR 5 – A high-performance speaker with a simple design The aim of the QR series is to offer the most advanced technology in a perfectly finished and proportioned high-end package. That goal is certainly achieved with the biggest and best performer in the QR series – the QR…

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  • 1.007,50 stk

    QR C THE NEW CENTRE SPEAKER The QR C centre speaker is equipped with the same advanced devices as the other speakers in the QR series. Double chamber AMT disc driver with gold-plated S-stop mesh and Pure Piston sandwich drivers. With its dual bass reflex ports, it has been configured…

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    QR 3 offers a timeless and minimalist design, and a sound quality that is unrivalled in its price range.

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    Audiovector QR 1 – The new benchmark for its price class With the new QR 1, Audiovector has created a speaker that seriously shakes our perception of what is sonically possible for such an affordable compact speaker. The speaker features an AMT driver that draws on Audiovector’s experience from their…

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