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    Made in France, these headphones feature exclusive Focal technologies, the result of cutting-edge research in acoustics. The speaker units are composed of a unique magnesium cone, a material that enables crisp, precise, impactful playback resulting in astonishingly true sound.   Type Circum-aural open-back headphones Impedance 55 Ohms Sensitivity 104dB SPL…

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    Focal Utopia – Lyd i verdensklasse Oplev en sensationel lydoplevelse i dit eget hjem med Focal Utopia – hovedtelefoner i en klasse for sig selv. Disse hovedtelefoner er lavet i Frankrig af Focal og er resultatet af mere end 40 års lydinnovation. Utopia blev præsenteret første gang i 2016, men…

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    Focal Bathys – Trådløse høretelefoner i ægte Hi-Fi kvalitet Focal Bathys er en af de mest længe ventede høretelefoner i 2022, og nu er den endelig kommet til Danmark. Bathys er Focals bud på den ultimative trådløse hovedtelefon, og den formår både at forene en sublim lydkvalitet med et særdeles…

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    MUSICAL INSPIRATION BENTLEY SPECIAL EDITION HI-FI Headphones Focal for Bentley Radiance high-end headphones are a special edition made in France in honour of the prestigious partnership between Focal, Naim Audio and luxury car manufacturer Bentley Motors. Their team of engineers and designers have worked together to develop these unique headphones…

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    REVEAL THE INTENSITY OF EVERY MOMENT Celestee combines modern design, luxurious finishes and impressive sound performance. Their exclusive Focal speaker drivers guarantee excellent dynamics and high precision sound. The earcups have undergone acoustic treatment to restrict resonance and achieve uncompromising audio quality: the sound is clean, precise and with good…

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    ACOUSTIC SOUND PURITY CLOSED HIGH END HEADPHONE.   This highly advanced headphone manufactured by Focal features a new generation of exclusive electrodynamic speaker units capable of operating at low acoustic loads while providing an extremely wide frequency response (5 Hz – 40 kHz). Thanks to the cutting-edge technology integrated in…

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