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    DAC, HT tube, Pre-amp, Streamer

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    Tube headphone amplifier

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    iFi Audio’s original hip-dac has got a makeover! The ifi audio portable, high-resolution DAC/headphone amp looks super cool in its new vibrant Sunset Orange. Not only has the hip-dac2’s super-slim aluminium enclosure been given an update, but its interior has also been improved. The new 16-core XMOS chip, which processes…

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    iFi Audio GO Blu gives you the best sound of wired audio, but the convenience of wireless, as you no longer need to have a wired connection to your smartphone. Whether you’re working out at the gym with your Apple watch or sitting with your MacBook at your favourite coffee…

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    Portable DACs/amplifiers tend to be compromised because they focus on a great digital OR a great analog section. But not both. xDSD Gryphon has both. From the Ultra-Res digital stage using the Burr-Brown MultiBit at the core to the PureWave analogue power section pumping out 1,000mW and other things in-between,…

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    DC power adapter (5V/9V/12V/15V) The original iFi iPower provides an efficient, clean power solution for noise in your system. But why not take your power upgrade to the max with the all-new iFi iPower X? The new iFi AC/DC ultra low noise power supply is optimized to take advantage of…

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    DC power adapter (5V/9V/12V/15V) Do you have underlying noise in your system that you can’t explain? It can be as simple as your power supply. Upgrade to iFi iPower to feed your system’s circuitry with clean audio quality and solve problems in both the output and input phases. read more

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    iFi iPower2 – Clean power for your devices Do you have underlying noise in your system that you can’t explain? Then it could be something as simple as your power supply. The new iFi iPower2 feeds your system’s circuitry with clean power from its audiophile power supply, so you won’t…

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    Power supply without noise The iPOWER Elite power supply provides clean power without noise. Noiseless as a battery but without the drawbacks input 100-240VAC (50-60Hz/1.5A) Output 5V/5.0A; 12V/4.0A; 15V/3.5A; 24V/2.5A output connector 5.5×2.5mm Reverse polarity connector (white) noise floor <1uV size 148 x 55 x 50 mm weight 550 g

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    Zen One signature One of the most popular IFI models in its latest incarnation. A combined DAC and Bluetooth receiver, with top-shelf data and components. By combining the Zen Dac with Zen blue and stuffing resistors from Vishay, ceramic capacitors from TDK and Elna capacitors into the power supply, IFI…

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    The Zen Air Dac is a lighter version of the Zen Dac V2, where IFI has again cut back where it has the least impact on the sound and kept the superior sound quality for the price class. 6.3 output on the front for headphones, along with X-Bass and Powermatch,…

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    Zen Air Blue is, as the name suggests, a bluetooth receiver with an RCA output that connects to an amplifier or an active speaker. Same range and sound quality as the regular Zen Blue, just not with balanced 4.4, coax/optical output or metal cabinet.

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    Removes hum problems on USB read more

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    Enjoy the ‘new’ silence. Connecting audio equipment via USB can have advantages and disadvantages. Although capable of transmitting hi-res data at maximum resolution and allowing bit-perfect transfer, USB was not created specifically for audio. It carries both power and data. It is susceptible to electrical noise, for example from the…

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    Ifi Audio Zen Stream The new member of the acclaimed ZEN range of successful and well-built products from audio specialists iFi Audio also follows the naming convention of its other family members, where name follows function, and is therefore simply named Stream. Zen Stream is a highly flexible Wi-Fi audio…

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    DAC/Head pre-amp read more

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    top-of-the-range desktop/portable DAC and headphone amplifier read more

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    SupaNova SupaNova is designed like Nova, but with the added benefit of having a built-in ANC (Active Noise Cancellation II) circuit that actively removes mains noise before it enters the amplifier and ruins the sound. The ANC design detects if the phase is correct, if ground is connected and protects…

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    Nova Power Cable by iFi audio Nova A new power cable from ifi Audio that is of course made in a high quality and not least innovative design that minimizes the radiating in and out of noise. Equipped with 2 active and 2 passive conductors and a ground all in…

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    ZEN CAN SIGNATURE 6XX ” a big step forward ” ZEN CAN SIGNATURE goes a step further and improves sound quality even further. With improved circuitry and EQ settings tailored to the entire frequency band, there’s no doubting how popular this new Signature ZEN CAN will be. The same versatile…

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    Pure and advanced audio dissemination. Wrapped in a “Space Blue” finish that shows this ZEN DAC belongs to the Signature Series. The ZEN DAC Signature is manufactured with one purpose only, to act as a DAC, without a built-in headphone amp its primary task is to feed an external amplifier…

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    4.4 to XLR cable   A much requested cable that connects the balanced outputs of most new iFi devices to the balanced inputs of either power amplifiers or integrated amplifiers. The 4.4 cable, with silver-plated copper, good connectors and efficient insulation, is one metre long. Data: Construction: Minimum inductance and…