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    JBL L82 Classic – best in class! The L82 Classic is a compact 2-way speaker that features JBL’s advanced acoustic technologies and the iconic design of its larger family member: the L100 Classic. The cabinet is finished in a beautiful walnut veneer, and the front is in the easy-to-clean Quadrex…

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    JBL L52 Classic – Big sound from the smallest in the series The L52 Classic is the smallest in JBL’s Classic series, but its sound is anything but. In fact, these compact speakers deliver such a big sound for their size that you have to hear them before you can…

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    JBL HDI-1600 – A powerful compact speaker The HDI-1600 is the smallest speaker in JBL’s HDI series, but its sound is anything but small. This compact 2-way bookshelf/stand speaker delivers outstanding sound combined with its sleek and modern design. The foundation of the sound is JBL’s patented High-Definition Imaging waveguide…

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    JBL 4309 – A musical speaker. When it comes to JBL’s 4309, there’s a lot to be excited about. It plays with an energy, dynamism and clarity that competitors struggle to match, and does so at a price that many can match. So if you’re into speakers that are entertaining…

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    JBL 4312G – A high performance studio monitor The new 4312G is a modern version of JBL’s classic speaker, delivering thunderously clear bass and a crystal-clear, well-resolved top end, even at the highest listening levels. The 4312G’s design takes its cue from the legendary 4310/4311 family and more recent 70th…

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