JBL Stands

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  • 732,66 piece

    High-end stands built in a sturdy and powder-coated design to match JBL’s 4349, L100 and 4429. The BS-360 is based on the original JBL JS-360 design, and the legs can be filled with lead and sand.

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  • 266,00 piece

    Stands for JBL’s L82 Classic, 4312G or L100, specially designed to raise and angle the speakers to a correct treble height and direct the high frequencies to ear level.

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  • 386,00 piece

    Beautiful stands that fit JBL’s new L100 Classic and the original L100, L100A, L100 Century, 4312E, 4312SE, 4312G and 4319 a4312SE. The stands are built in metal in a nice black finish.

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