McIntosh Preamplifier

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    Be prepared for future digital music technologies with the C49 Preamplifier. The C49 features the McIntosh DA1 Digital Audio Module, which can be replaced by new modules as new digital audio technologies are developed. This allows you to keep your C49 up-to-date with digital music formats and viable well into…

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    C53 2-Channel Solid State Preamplifier 16 inputs (9 analog + 7 digital) 8 band analog equalizer Supports up to DSD512 files Comes with DA2 Digital Audio Module installed read more

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    McIntosh C2700 tube preamplifier follows a long line of successful and recognized McIntosh tube preamplifier. Using McIntosh’s well-established tube technology, the C2700 also features McIntosh’s advanced DA2 (Digital Audio Module) This is being used to combine cutting-edge digital music features with the renowned McIntosh tube technology. C2700 2-Channel Vacuum Tube…

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