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13 Products

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    The Uniti Atom Headphone Edition can transform any space into your own audio cocoon. Where typical headphone amplifiers demand tethering to a computer the Uniti Atom Headphone Edition has all the brains – and Naim’s exclusive streaming platform. The headphone-optimised version of the multi-award-wining Uniti Atom also features Balanced 4-pin…

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  • 7.586,66 piece

    Naim NSC 222 – Forforstærker og streamer i ét Naim NSC 222 er en brugervenlig forforstærker, der tilbyder kompromisløs lydkvalitet, streaming og mange flere funktioner. Med sin sublime teknik og eksklusive design giver NSC-222 dig en verden af streamet musik og radio, håndtering af vinyl og hovedtelefoner. Samtidig er NSC-222…

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  • 7.586,66 piece

    Naim NAP 250 – En ikonisk effektforstærker NAP 250 har været en ikon, lige siden den første version blev lanceret tilbage i 1975. Med den nye NAP 250 har Naim redesignet den fra bunden, så den er fuldt afbalanceret i et dual mono-design. Naim har også øget effekten betydeligt til…

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  • 6.386,66 piece

    Uniti Nova is proof that an all-in-one player can deliver audiophile quality. Uniti Nova is configured to offer the very best solution in a single compact enclosure. All the available space is used to provide 80 watts per channel of Class A/B amplification, so the Nova is capable of driving…

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  • 3.452,66 piece

    Don’t be fooled by the pretty exterior, Uniti Atom is more than just a beautiful design. The large top-mounted volume control is intuitive to use, while the sharply detailed, informative display makes accessing Atom’s myriad functions easier. Streamer, DAC and preamp and power amp in one design. It’s extremely flexible…

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  • 3.453,33 piece

    Vinyl replay makes a huge contribution to the enjoyment of recorded music. At its best, vinyl has a uniquely engaging and musical quality, and with the SuperLine phonostage, the best of vinyl just gets better. The SuperLine is a high performance moving-coil phono stage built in the Naim Audio aluminium…

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  • 5.319,99 piece

    In the six years since the last NAIT integrated amplifiers were released, Naim’s research and development teams have worked on a number of improvements. The result is upgraded power amplifier sections for SUPERNAIT 3 that deliver faster pace and intimacy during playback – whether it’s a pair of speakers or…

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  • 87.866,66 piece

    NAP S1 mono amplifier – 746 W in 8 Ohm – 1450 W in 4 Ohm – 9.000 W in 1 Ohm. It’s usually said that specifications are no indication of quality, but I think most people can sense that with the NAP S1 we’re in a completely different league.…

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  • 98.533,33 piece

    Uncompromising reference preamplifier. Describing a NAC S1 Statement preamplifier is a bit like describing the feeling of driving the best cars, drinking the best wines, eating at the best restaurants, lying on the best beaches, enjoying the view from the highest mountain tops – you can try, but those who…

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  • 33.199,99 piece

    Top-class preamplifier, including 552PS. Naim’s preamps ARE the epitome of everything Naim stands for. Starting with the revolutionary NAC 12 back in 1974, Naim preamplifiers have both rewritten the rules and set new standards. The NAC 552 is second only to the Statement NAC S1 and with its distinctive two-box…

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  • 33.199,99 piece

    After seventeen years as the top model in Naim’s range of amplifiers, the NAP 135 was replaced by the hefty NAP 500. During the development of the NAP 500, Naim’s goal was for the amplifier to be able to drive any resistance down to 2 ohms for an extended period…

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  • 2.120,00 piece

    The NAIT 5si is a 2×60 watt high performance integrated amplifier. It plays committedly even with the most complex rhythms and demanding dynamics it has a grip on things. read more Financing your purchase. In cooperation with SPARXPRES, Lydspecialisten can offer a simple and attractive financing of your purchase. Choose…

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