Primare Preamplifier

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  • 3.120,00 stk

    PRE35 is an analog version of PRE35 Prisma. DM35 digital to analog converter and Prisma plug-in modules can be added at a later date.

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  • 3.705,00 stk

    PRE35 DAC adds DM35 digital analog converter module to PRE35. Prisma technology can be added as a plug-in module at a later stage. read more

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  • 4.095,00 stk

    Primare Pre35 Prism. ” CONTROL FREAK”. The most important task of a control/preamp must be to process and convey the sensitive and delicate signals from the existing sources as gently and untouched as possible. Only then are the delicate nuances and details of true high-end sound ensured… not an easy…

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