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    Osiris is the result of 32 years of experience developing amplifiers. The uncompromising flagship from Rega delivers 162 W into 8 ohms (250 W into 4 ohms), and houses a dual mono design in a specially CNC-machined aluminium cabinet.

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    Rega Elicit-R – A musical mediator in a class of its own The new Elicit-R is a pure analogue amplifier that prioritises sound reproduction over all possible extra features. This makes it an incredibly simple and easy-to-use amplifier that delivers one of the most convincing sound performances in its class.…

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    REGA Elex-R – As musical as amplifiers get. If you love Rega’s distinctive sound, then you can look forward to meeting the Elex-R, a hybrid between its little brother Brio-R and its big brother Elicit-R ‘s sonic qualities. The Elex-R is a lively, energetic and rhythmic amp that can deliver…

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    Rega Brio – Big sound from a small amplifier The latest generation of Rega’s Brio amplifier is set to carry on the legacy of its highly acclaimed and award-winning predecessor, and it’s a task Rega has not taken lightly. Rega has made a complete upgrade of the Brio’s interior as…

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    Rega io review
    What Hi-Fi? Awards 2021 winner.

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