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    Rotel has been producing quality tuners since the 1960s. One of the latest additions to this long-standing line-up is the T11 FM/DAB+ tuner. It offers a wealth of listening options with easy access to classic analogue FM stations as well as newer DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) services. The T11, like…

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    The CD14 has a carefully designed power supply to ensure separate, ripple-free voltage and current for both digital and analogue circuits. It maintains the same clean lines and intuitive operation as the other 14 Series models, while demonstrating an uncanny ability to hear even the smallest musical details in a…

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    The A10 is an integrated amplifier with 40 watts per channel that will satisfy the audio enthusiast who does not require high power or digital streaming capability. Its ease of operation is refreshing, and its performance is a pleasure to listen to. read more Financing your purchase. In cooperation with…

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    The flagship A14 has 80 watts per channel 8 ohms. The A14 features a robust power supply that includes a Rotel-made toroidal transformer plus slotted-foil capacitors to effortlessly handle heavy speaker loads and dynamic signal peaks. This is an impressively flexible amplifier, designed to accommodate both classic analogue and the…

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    Rotel’s A12 integrated amplifier delivers impressive audio performance, with its 60 watts per channel. Input connections include both analogue and digital, along with aptX Bluetooth streaming capability. read more

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