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Chord PowerHAUS

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Chord PowerHAUS – Less noise, more music

Chord’s new high-end power strip comes in two different variants – the S6 (Studio) and M6 (Master) which is their flagship model. These power rails are the result of one of the longest production development phases Chord has ever undertaken, and that says something about all the energy that has gone into these products. And it can be both heard and seen. Chord has succeeded in creating a magical product that is completely uncompromising when it comes to both design, functionality and build quality. For you, it means you can finally unlock the full potential of your system, where sound will be far more dynamic, open and detailed because noise is removed from the mains. With PowerHAUS plugged into the system, you’ll feel like you’re finally getting through to the music, which flows much more easily and is more harmonious. The background becomes more sorted, bringing everything into crystal clarity and drawing you towards your favourite artists in an unprecedented and very intimate way. And best of all? PowerHAUS is built in such a way that it has all the advantages and none of the disadvantages that many power rails traditionally have.


  • Provides greater dynamics, soundstage and openness
  • Better detail and more “live” music experiences
  • Handmade in England by real music lovers
  • Free from non-essential and noisy components
  • Unique Chord ARAY technology eliminates high frequency and ground noise
  • Protection against RFI through highly shielded ARAY wires
  • Robust aluminium housing prevents microphony
  • Powerful 16A Astrom input
  • Designed using the best materials and 40 years of hi-fi experience
  • Creation for discerning audiophiles worldwide

HAUS – Hybrid, Aray, Unfiltered, Power supply

PowerHAUS is based on an original design, which consists of a six-way distribution unit, which began way back in 2003. Here, their years of research have shown that the best wire configuration is to avoid star wires altogether, and instead make three isolated “bus bars” that run in parallel, limiting contact with each other and reducing high-frequency noise. At the same time, the separation of the ground bus bar from the live and the ground makes it possible to achieve further sound quality improvements.

As the name suggests, HAUS stands for hybrid, aray and unfiltered power supply, and here the M6 offers the best performance of the two power rails. It uses three hybrid MainsARAY, which are mounted in parallel rather than in series, specially selected and powerful high-quality cables, and sockets chosen not only for their reliability but also their sound. The good thing about this solution is that the power is delivered completely without filtering, and this is a great advantage, as filters often have the negative side effect of inhibiting dynamics. Instead, you get a stable and reliable supply of power that lets the music flow unhindered. And it can be heard.

The PowerHAUS S6 retains many of the core features of the M6 flagship, but is more affordable and represents a significant improvement over the regular power rails.

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Chord PowerHAUS

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