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Classé Delta PRE amplifer

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Classé Delta PRE – the foundation for the perfect system

The new Delta Pre is designed to connect to all kinds of sources, while ensuring perfect reproduction of the signal, whether analogue or digital. The advantage of a dedicated preamplifier is that it is much better placed to deliver a clean and controlled signal to the power amplifier, and the Delta PRE does this with the utmost precision. A precision that has recently made Delta PRE and Deltra STEREO winners of StereoNET’s Pre/Power Amplifier of the Year award.

The sound is classic Classé, and that means you can safely rely on Delta PRE as your source of sonic truth. It’s a very powerful, natural and three-dimensional image, but despite the big sound, Delta PRE manages to draw you into the music, bringing you close to the musician. This is partly because the delta PRE offers a high level of detail and imaging that is only possible because the preamplifier has an incredibly low level of noise and distortion. Because the low noise and distortion level allows you to hear all the fine details, music is much more layered and clear.


  • Powerful, natural and three-dimensional sound
  • A master of rhythm, tempo and speed
  • Incredibly low noise and distortion
  • 0.25 dB volume step ensures full control over sound level
  • DAC with re-cockling and without jitter
  • High-performance MC/MM phono stage with two inputs
  • Vibration absorbing feet
  • Luxurious and anodised aluminium cabinet

A preamplifier in full control

Compared to its predecessor CP-800, the new Delta PRE features a completely new circuit with shorter signal paths and better isolation of the sensitive circuits. The power supply has also been upgraded to consist of a linear power supply for the analog circuitry, and an improved switch-mode power supply for the digital circuitry.

If you’re into classical music, the Delta PRE is an obvious choice because of its large, natural and faithful reproduction of the music. But there’s another reason why the Delta PRE is a great match for classical music, and that’s because of its volume control. The Deltra PRE’s volume can be adjusted in 0.25 dB steps, ensuring that you can hear classical music at exactly the level for which it was recorded.

Magical design

Although the Delta PRE is packed with features, the front panel is incredibly minimalist and elegant. That’s because Classé has developed a 2″ touchscreen that makes fine-tuning Delta PRE’s many settings a breeze. With the touchscreen, Classe has removed all the distracting buttons, leaving only the power button, volume control, a headphone jack and a USB input.

Every detail has been perfected on the Delta series, and that also means that it has all had to be assembled at one of the best and most renowned assembly plants in the world. In this way, Classé has achieved a perfect harmony between minimalist design and exceptional acoustic performance.


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Classé Delta PRE amplifer

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