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iFi Audio – PowerStation – The best power strip with active noise cancellation?

All Hi-Fi systems are affected by the power quality from the socket, which is degraded by the many household appliances, routers, TV boxes connected to our mains and the large amount of RFI/EMI around us. All this noise significantly degrades sound quality, which is where the PowerStation comes in. This power rail is the first product from iFi Audio to incorporate their proprietary active noise cancellation into a rail with six power outlets, and the result is so significant that it might be the best money you’ve ever spent. At least that’s what Head-Fi thinks:

Both the PowerStation and the DC blocker are highly recommended without any reservations and honestly everyone should start improving from the mains power as this is the driving force of every music system. Best money ever spent.” – Head-Fi, Laskis Petrros 2021.


  • Improves clarity and definition
  • More controlled and defined bass
  • Finer articulation
  • Better dynamics
  • Active Noise Cancellation II actively cancels all incoming noise
  • PurCopper provides superior conductivity
  • Polarity and ground detector
  • Intelligent Ground system, activated only if the system needs it.
  • Wireless Purfication System reduces line noise without negative side effects.
  • Over-voltage Surge Protection protects the system against overvoltage.

Smart technology to tackle a universal problem

Most power rails rely on passive noise reduction, which is achieved through a combination of filters and regulators. But this technology has some inherent drawbacks that iFi’s active system does not have. The iFi PowerStation uses a reverse noise current (counterphase) that cancels noise in the current, and this technology is very similar in operation to that used for headphone suppression.

Another disadvantage of many passive solutions is that the noise in the power supply varies with frequency, making them ineffective in the area that matters most – the lower and audible frequencies. Passives work best in the upper frequencies, which are outside the audible range, and they also need large capacitors to be truly effective, which makes them both expensive and large.

Active Noise Cancellation II – technology from the military

iFi’s solution, on the other hand, is a technology they call Active Noise Cancellation II, and it effectively reduces noise by approx. -40db over the WHOLE frequency range. This is a significant improvement over passive solutions, but PowerStation goes one step further. They’ve wired passive filtering to each power outlet, eliminating the noise at the very highest frequencies typically caused by wireless transmission systems. The result is a power rail that delivers a measurable and audible reduction in both the mains noise caused by conventional switch-mode power supplies, and noise in general such as interference from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

PowerStation is so effective at reducing mains noise that it didn’t take long for the whole Hi-Fi world to spot the qualities of the rail. In a short time, it has been awarded Product of the Year, received top recommendations and much more.


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