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JBL Everest DD67000

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JBL Project Everest DD67000 – One of the world’s best speakers

With the Project Everst DD67000, JBL sets new standards for what a loudspeaker can achieve. We know it’s a bold statement to make when the previous Project Everst DD66000 already delivered a landmark audio performance, but nonetheless the JBL team has managed to push the performance of this class-leading speaker even further. The result is audible improvements that will satisfy even the most experienced audiophile and passionate music lover. The sound from the DD67000 is simply as close as you can get to having an orchestra in your living room, and its rosewood finish or high gloss is even pleasing to the eye.


  • Dual 15″ (380 mm) three-ply sandwich cone woofers for an authoritative bass response
  • 4″ (100 mm) pure beryllium diaphragm for crystal clear tones
  • 1″ (25 mm), pure beryllium diaphragm for extreme tones
  • Extremely smooth and wide frequency response
  • Proprietary Bi-Radial Horns
  • Excellent terminals and system controls
  • Bi-wiring options
  • Flawless cabinet construction

JBL’s most advanced technologies and components

Under the ‘Project Everest’ programme, JBL’s top engineers set out to create the ultimate speaker system. It became the Project Everest DD66000, but in the six years since it was introduced, JBL has continually developed improvements that have allowed them to create the DD67000. This 3-way speaker features two new 1501AL-2 woofers that are cast in aluminum and have a three-layer cone construction for a more articulate and authoritative bass response. The midrange and high frequencies are produced by a 4″ pure beryllium diaphragm, and the highest frequencies are handled by a 1″ beryllium diaphragm and 2″ neodymium magnet, which is capable of producing frequencies up to 60,000 Hz! At the same time, the device is precision-cast and with pure magnesium phase connector because it has better heat dissipation properties. This allows the tweeter to play much more clearly and with more excess in the very highest frequencies, and it provides an exceptionally transparent, clear and natural sound at higher volumes.

The DD67000 compression drivers are mounted in JBL’s patented Bi-Radial horn, which is designed to eliminate the unwanted coloration of sound that is characteristic of conventional horn designs. In addition, the horn design creates a better dispersion of the sound waves for a more accurate imaging and seamless soundstage. To fine-tune the sound image for any system and room, JBL has equipped the DD67000 with a front-mounted control pad that makes it easy to adjust the high-frequency and low-frequency levels.

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JBL Everest DD67000

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