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JBL HDI-1200P – A powerful and dynamic subwoofer

Even the best systems can lack the final depth that will take your music and movie experiences to new heights. JBL’s HDI-1200P is just such a subwoofer, for with its 12″ polyplas unit and powerful magnet system, it can deliver deep and accurate bass that will fill your room. This makes the subwoofer ideal for both those who want to get the most out of their stereo system, or for the home cinema enthusiast who wants to experience the full effect of the explosions.


  • 1,000 watt RMS class-D amplifier
  • 12″ Poly-plas™ base unit with 3″ voice coil
  • Parametric EQ with one band
  • Low Pass Crossover and Gain Control
  • RCA and XLR inputs at line level
  • Modern design with premium finish

The technology behind

On the surface, the HDI-1200P is a stylish modern subwoofer available in a variety of finishes including black high gloss glass, grey oak veneer and walnut veneer. Cabinets are made of a strong MDF material, which is braced according to all the rules of art to better elimenate the strong vibrations that a subwoofer produces. The construction thus forms an optimal acoustic fundamenent, and through the two computer optimized and downward facing bass reflex ports that create a better tuning of the cabinet and the least possible port noise.


Inside the HDI-1200P you’ll find a 1,000 watt RMS Class-D amplifier, which means the 12″ unit will perform optimally no matter what conditions you throw at it. The powerful magnet system and 3″ voice coil also make the unit capable of handling large swings with full control and low distortion. The result is bass that’s always delivered with precision, clarity and plenty of power.



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