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JBL L100 Classic 75th Special Edition

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JBL L100 Classic 75 – cutting-edge technology in retro design

The L100 Classic 75 is a testament to JBL’s technological innovations and exemplary design over the past 75 years. Here, JBL has retained the iconic retro design of the 1970s L100 Classic with the distinctive Quadrex foam fronts and a cabinet in the most beautiful teak veneer. Technologically, the L100 Classic 75 features new base units, crossover, gold-plated terminals and bi-wire options to name just a few of the many improvements JBL has made. The most important thing, however, is how it all sounds, and here the L100 Classic 75 does not disappoint. The speakers reproduce the finest details with incredible precision, and the enhanced crossover makes the sound perfectly clear and natural. Couple that with the big 12″ woofers, and you get a speaker that plays with both incredible detail and excess.


  • Clear, precise and authentic sound
  • Incredible detail and excess
  • Improved devices and parts filters
  • Packed in custom made wooden box with anniversary graphic
  • Teak veneer and Quadrex foam front and special anniversary logo
  • Bi-wire options and gold-plated speaker terminals
  • High-frequency and Mid-frequency L-pad attenuators
  • Sold numbered and with matching JS-120 floor stands.
  • Only 750 pairs worldwide.

The technology behind

The L100 Classic 75 features a 1″ titanium tweeter and a waveguide with an acoustic lens for perfect integration with the 5″ pure-pulp midrange located just below. The bass unit is positioned slightly offset to the tweeter and midrange, and here JBL has used a 12″ white pure-pulp cone, which works in conjunction with a front-facing bass reflex port. The advantage of this is that it makes it easy to integrate the L100 Classic 75 into your home.

Exquisite design

The first thing that comes to mind when you see the L100 Classic 75 is the beautiful teak wood that adorns the sides of the speaker. If you want to hide the speaker’s units, you can do so with the easily recognisable Quadrex foam front, which has been fitted with a special JBL logo in celebration of JBL’s anniversary. On the front and back of the speaker is a special mark showing the speaker’s number and the signature of JBL’s chief engineer Chris Hagen.

Acoustically, the L100 Classic 75 has a better unit suspension that, along with the other improvements, produces the sound that only JBL can produce!

The only downside to the L100 Classic 75 is that it’s in limited supply, so don’t wait too long if you want to secure a copy. These are speakers that are a real collector’s item.

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JBL L100 Classic 75th Special Edition

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