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JBL L52 Classic

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JBL L52 Classic – Big sound from the smallest in the series

The L52 Classic is the smallest in JBL’s Classic series, but its sound is anything but. In fact, these compact speakers deliver such a big sound for their size that you have to hear them before you can believe it. Where you want to hear them from is up to you, as their size makes them ideal for stands, bookshelves, tabletops or wall mounting. Wherever you choose to place them, we guarantee they’ll be a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. The design is a scaled-down version of the award-winning L82 Classic, and thanks to the front panel’s RF attenuators, the sound can be tailored to your exact room.


  • Big, dynamic and powerful sound
  • Cabinet in walnut veneer
  • High-frequency level attenuator
  • Wall mounting option
  • 100% sustainable package

A sound to be heard

The L82 Classic features a 2-way design that uses a 0.75″ titanium dome tweeter, which is mounted in a waveguide for a better dispersion and well-resolved peak. The bass unit itself is a 5.25″ with a molded frame that gets optimal working conditions through the adjustment of the front-facing bass reflex and a premium crossover design. All this ensures a first-class performance that exceeds all expectations for a speaker of this size. The bass is powerful, the sound is dynamic, and the soundstage is exceptionally large, allowing the speakers to disappear into space. For those who don’t have the space for the larger Classic models, the L52 Classic is the obvious choice with its big sound, small size and attractive pricing.

JBL L52 Classic

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