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JBL L82 Classic

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JBL L82 Classic – best in class!

The L82 Classic is a compact 2-way speaker that features JBL’s advanced acoustic technologies and the iconic design of its larger family member: the L100 Classic. The cabinet is finished in a beautiful walnut veneer, and the front is in the easy-to-clean Quadrex foam, which is available in black, orange or blue. Behind the beautiful exterior you’ll find modern acoustic components capable of delivering a sound performance that will please any music lover.


  • Retro design with iconic JBL styling and vintage Quadrex foam grille in black, orange or blue
  • Cabinet in real walnut veneer and with black front and rear panels
  • 8-inch bass unit with moulded frame
  • 1-inch titanium dome tweeter with waveguide
  • Base reflex design with front firing port
  • High frequency L-pad attenuator
  • Matching JS-80 floor stands (purchased separately)

Built on a winning formula

The L82 Classic is based on the legendary L100 Classic speaker, which has become a huge success because it manages to combine the classic JBL sound with the romance of vintage aesthetics. The new L82 Classic has managed to evoke the same sound quality and recognisable design as the L100 Classic, but it does so with a significantly smaller footprint. L82 Classic is therefore the perfect speaker for you who love the sound of L100 Classic, but find it too big for your room.

To deliver the compelling sound performance, the L82 Classic uses an 8″ woofer unit cast in a heavy-duty aluminium frame and with a white paper pulp diaphragm. This combination enables the delivery of a full and natural sound, which can be fine-tuned via the front-facing bass reflex port. The tweeter unit is the same 1″ titanium dome with waveguide used in the larger and more expensive L100 Classic, and through the front panel L-dampers its output can be adjusted to suit your surroundings and preference.

JBL’s JS-80 floorstanders are available for the speakers, designed to raise and angle the speakers to a correct treble height and direct the high frequencies to ear level. The stands can be purchased


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JBL L82 Classic

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