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JBL S3900

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JBL S3900 – A true high-end speaker!

The JBL S3900 is a 3-way floorstanding speaker with two powerful 10″ bass units combined with the two specially manufactured high-end compression drivers with pure-titanium membranes, which are mounted on bi-radial horns by SonoGlass. The Compressions drivers are among the world’s fastest devices, and they play with an excess and dynamics all the way up to 40kHz that is far greater than any conventional speakers are capable of. This enables the S3900 to deliver midrange and ultra-high frequencies with surprising realism and lifelike dynamics. No matter what genre of music you listen to, it does so with such a convincing performance that you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the studio with the engineers and artists. Available in a beautiful wood veneer or gloss black, the design of the S3900 makes it look as beautiful as it sounds with its beautiful and elegant design.


  • Natural, dynamic and extremely clear sound
  • Lightweight speakers
  • 2 x 10″ low-frequency transducer for low distortion, natural sound
  • 1.75″ high frequency transducer for crystal clear highs
  • 0.75″ ultra-high frequency transducer for extreme altitudes
  • Extremely smooth and wide frequency response
  • Rear-mounted ports for extended bass response
  • Patented JBL Bi-Radial® horn
  • Bi-wiring options
  • Gold-plated terminals

A technological masterpiece

The S3900 is built with the highest quality components, and many of its solutions are taken directly from the legendary JBL K2 S9900. This is a very potent speaker, capable of delivering the best quality from your high-res sources.


To ensure a deep and crisp bass, JBL has used 2 x 10″ paper/fiber units, which do not degrade the sound at any listening level. The benefit of this is that you will hear the lowest frequencies with unprecedented power and clarity. However, it’s not just the low notes that are crystal clear – this also applies to the midrange and treble. JBL’s special Aquaplads treated compression drivers provide exceptional high-end response with incredibly low distortion, so you can experience natural and realistic tones from your music and movie collection. The 0.75″ pure tianium compression driver ensures that even the loudest notes are delivered quickly, accurately and without strain or distortion.


However, it is not only at the devices that the low pre-shrinkage recurs. This is also true of the speaker’s frequency response, where the 33Hz – 40 Khz provides an extremely smooth and extended direction of sound reproduction. The directional and power response is high and consistent, and its harmonic distortion is reduced to levels that are inaudible. Dynamic linearity is unparalleled, and with the rear-mounted port, an optimal bass response is achieved that doesn’t boom or color the sound.


Another ingenious feature of the S3900 is its patented Bi-Radial horn, in which its high and ultra-high frequency drivers are mounted. This technology provides a rich and large stereo image, and a sweet spot that is much larger than conventional speakers. So you can enjoy exceptional Bi-Radial sound from far more places in your room than usual.


Type: floorstanding speaker
Principle: 3-way
Basic principle: Reflex
Impedance: 6 ohms
Sensitivity: 92 dB
Frequency response: 33 Hz to 40 kHz
Connection: bi-wire
Dimensions (WxHxD): 370 x 1001 x 368 mm
Weight: 39 kg.

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JBL S3900

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