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Keces Audio P8

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Keces P3/P8 Linear power supply.

“The New Black”

Keces power supplies have really caught on with a growing number of enthusiasts, and for good reason.
A Keces P3/P8 dual linear power supply is capable of powering two low-voltage products at once. For example, a router and an Ethernet switch, such as the new English electric 8 switch. This switch is itself an excellent sound enhancer, but replace the included switch mode power supply and use a Keces p3/P8.
This makes a VERY big difference in performance that has to be heard to be fully understood, the same is true when replacing the router’s noisy standard power supply…
The Roon Nucleus products are just another place where these excellent Keces power supplies come into their own.

Equipped with high quality torodial transformer and separate ground for each output, as well as an overall build quality it must be described as being close to ultimate,
This guarantees ultra-quiet and rock-solid performance that will translate into greatly enhanced sound quality at all times.
Few people today know how much it means to replace the router’s original ( noisy ) switch mode power supply with a really good analog power supply.

At The Sound Specialist, we know what this shift means, and it’s no small feat.
Therefore, we now offer our customers to experience for themselves what a great sonic improvement these first-class power supplies from Keces really are.
We want to do this by offering our customers to borrow a P3/P8 , and an Ansuz mainz x power cable for free, and thereby get the experience first hand.
So excellent a power supply should of course have optimal working conditions and this is done b,la with a good power cable.
In addition, there is the option to install a Synergistic Research Blue/Orange fuse in the grid well, this further boosts performance significantly, as one of our good customers has indeed experienced.
Keces P3/P8 can be ordered in different configurations so they always match the power supply you want to upgrade.

Keces P3-1 = 5/7/9V + 12/15/16V
Keces P3-2 = 12/15/16V + 12/15/16V

Keces P8- Type 1 = 5V/7V + 9V/12V
Keces P8- Type 2 = 9V/12V + 12V/15V
Keces P8- Type 3 = 9V/12V + 18V/19V
Keces P8- Type 4 = 9V/12V + 20V/24V

Keces Audio P8

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