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KEF KC62 Subwoofer

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KEF KC62 – The biggest little subwoofer

With the KC62, KEF has succeeded in creating the perfect subwoofer for their popular wireless
speakers, so you can finally get the full experience that comes from true cellar-deep bass. Plus, it’s the size of a regular football and made in the most beautiful aluminium casing, so it’ll look great in any home.


  • Delivers deep and accurate bass
  • Creates exciting and immersive music, film and gaming experiences.
  • Breakthrough 2 x 6.5″ Uni-Core devices with P-Flex technology
  • 1000W RMS custom-designed Class-D amplifier
  • Compact and easy to place with KEF’s Room Placement EQ
  • Built-in DSP and Smart Distortion Control Technology
  • Aesthetic design
  • Perfect match for KEF
    LS50 Wireless II
    , LS50 Meta and LSX

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

For far too long, speaker manufacturers have developed large and clunky subwoofers to move all the air that the deep 20 Hz oscillations require. It stops with KC62. Indeed, KEF’s innovative technologies have enabled the KC62 to deliver a sensational bass performance that defies common understanding of what is possible for such a small subwoofer with 2 x 6.5″ units. This means you can finally get the big music, movie and gaming experiences without a subwoofer that takes up most of the room, is hard to find space for or spoils the aesthetics of the room.

Technology that redefines the subwoofer

KEF has really outdone itself with the development of the KC62, as it features two ground-breaking technologies. The first is Uni-Core technology, which combines the ends of the units against each other in a single motor system. Not only does this reduce cabinet size by a third, but it also allows the units to travel much further than normal, allowing the KC62 to move as much air as the much larger subwoofers.

The second innovation is KEF’s all-new P-Flex units, inspired by the Japanese paper art Origami, which fold the units’ suspension to better handle the internal air pressure created in the cabinet. The design provides a unique combination of strength and lightness, allowing the units to move far more easily and precisely than is possible with traditional and heavier suspensions. Together, the Uni-Core and P-Flex innovations ensure that the KC62 can deliver fast, accurate and almost underground bass with full control.

The range of innovative technologies doesn’t stop there, however, as KEF has also equipped the KC62 with a bespoke DSP and Smart Distortion Control Technology, which together with the specially designed 1000W Class-D amplifier delivers transparent and powerful bass extension without distortion.

Perfect sound everywhere

With the KC62, you’re guaranteed perfect sound wherever you place it. That’s because the KC62 is equipped with Room Placement EQ, which through the five preset sound profiles allows you to place it freestanding in the room, up against the wall, in the corner, inside a cabinet or in a dedicated apartment mode. With KC62, you decide the location instead of your room.


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Devices: 2 x 6.5″ Uni-Core devices with P-Flex technology
Power: 1000 watt RMS (2 x 500) custom designed class-D amplifier.
Max SPL: 105 dB
Dimensions: 24.6 x 25.6 x 24.8 cm
Optimal space ratio: 5 – 50m2

KEF KC62 Subwoofer

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