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KEF R7 – A musical and technical tour de force

The R7 is a medium-sized 3-way floorstanding speaker from KEF’s new R Series that takes your music or movie experience to new heights. Whatever you serve the KEF R7, you’ll be rewarded with high-end sound that offers incredible detail and dynamics. It’s a speaker capable of delivering the greatest sound, bass and musical experience, and features many of the technological innovations of KEF’s Reference series. The big difference is that it does all this at a much more accessible price, and therefore it will be a speaker that will satisfy the needs of most people.



  • Engaging, detailed and realistic sound reproduction
  • 12. gen. Uni-Q delivers a bigger soundstage and sweet spot
  • Shadow Flare technology provides a higher level of detail
  • Technologies from the more expensive Reference series.
  • Flexible reflection port for better clarity and detail
  • Special aluminium-paper bass units for faster and deeper bass response.
  • New magnet system increases bass impact
  • Beautiful and modern design

The technology behind the sound

The reason KEF speakers sound so natural and neutral is because they have the pioneering and patented Uni-Q unit, which allows all sound to come from a single point because they have placed the tweeter in the acoustic centre of the midrange/bass unit. This allows sound to spread much more evenly and widely than conventional speakers, where sound comes from devices in different locations. When the sound comes from a single point, KEF avoids the interference problems of conventional speakers, making the sound much cleaner and more natural. When all the frequencies reach the ear at the same time, the sound is perceived much more accurately and realistically, which means that the instruments sound like real instruments rather than a speaker’s reproduction of them. Something every speaker strives for, but few master as well as KEF.

In the latest version of the R Series, KEF has also used an innovative solution to eliminate the harmful diffraction and turbulence that ‘muddies’ the sound image. They have done this by using ‘Shadow Flare’ technology, which they have taken directly from their reference series, and the result is a much better reproduction of the finer details. So with KEF’s new R Series, you’ll find yourself getting much closer to the instruments, hearing and visualising all the fine details, especially from the string instruments and percussion.

It’s not just at the high frequencies that the R Series shines, however, for the bass unit is an advanced aliminum-paper hybrid that ensures a perfect combination of rigidity and lightness, allowing the bass to reproduce the very deepest notes with the greatest speed.

Designed to play

For the R Series to deliver that deep, articulate bass, KEF has designed a reflex port that delays turbulence and prevents resonances from colouring the midrange. In addition, they have designed an enclosure that uses both hard and soft components to eliminate the unwanted vibrations that would otherwise alter the sound and music. And KEF has chosen a much slimmer design than its predecessors, which makes the speaker not only look better but also sound better. Because at KEF, it’s all about improving the sound, and the closer the units are to the edge of the baffle, the less diffraction occurs. The result is that the sound is not “muddy”, but instead sounds crystal clear.


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