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Lumin D2 streamer

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World-class digital audio.

In just a few years, the digital specialists at LUMIN have emerged as the “CUTTING EDGE” when it comes to digital audio distribution.
Peter Lie and his dedicated team of specialists have set the bar exceptionally high from the outset, in order to win over the world’s audiophiles.
This must be said to have succeeded… Few network players have received such great reviews and words of praise as the products from LUMIN.

Right from the start, Peter Lie and his team knew what they were up against: a collection of serious and well-established producers who had already won large market shares and a respected place in the minds of buyers.
It’s very hard to compete with that, unless of course you know that you are able to produce a product that is so much better than the competition and at a significantly lower price.
The highly acclaimed LUMIN T2 network player is if anything proof that this has been fully achieved.
It was basically made for the sole purpose of crushing the competition…completely.
If this is the case is up to the individual ear, one thing is certain when you google the products from LUMIN.. Here is a rare degree emerged a deep recognition and respect of all critics in ultra short time, when you take LUMIN’s relatively short existence in the calculation, this is no less than an achievement of dimensions.

From the start, Lumin has strived to be innovative, both in terms of sound quality and firmware upgrades.
LEEDH PROCESSING volume control is based on a special algorithm that audibly provides a more natural and significantly better sound.
This also means and LUMIN network players can act as preamplifiers if you like. A good one.
In addition, the LUMINS App is rarely functional and well thought-out.
A really good command centre for playing our beloved music.

As usual, when we talk HIGH-END, sound quality comes first, and fortunately, this is where LUMIN has the upper hand.
Lumin have become experts in using the highly acclaimed Sabre PRO Dac chips in their digital conversion, this coupled with their unrivalled expertise in digital engineering/circuitry and power supply has earned LUMIN a highly deserved place with demanding audiophiles worldwide.
The sound is incredibly resolved and coherent without any kind of “digitalitis” whatsoever…Now, one has to be a bit careful about using the word ANALOG in digital contexts…but the sound from a LUMIN network player nevertheless leads the thoughts in that direction.
To fully describe the sound of the LUMIN products would be a more extensive task than is good to be heard.
One thing is certain. LUMIN wins on superior raw “PERFORMANCE” in sound quality.
Even the smallest models deliver an unmatched sound quality in the price range, but if you go just a little higher up the ladder to for example the LUMIN T2, you get an absolutely world-class sound that compares with the best on the market today… and at a price that can be paid by most enthusiasts without leaving home.
We mortals can only dream of what musical delights will be on offer when LUMIN’s ultimate network player, the X1, comes ashore.

We at the sound specialist are more than generally enthusiastic about LUMIN’s musical skills, and we would therefore recommend anyone who has no experience with these fantastic sound mediators to get acquainted with them as soon as possible.

The most affordable way to bring all of the award-winning LUMIN musicality into your music system.

Retaining the same streaming functionality, Wolfson DAC and fully balanced design of its renowned siblings, LUMIN D2 opens up a world of High Resolution network and internet streaming.


The perfect introduction to audiophile streaming
LUMIN D2 improves on the hugely successful D1 to create a formidable package.

Faster processor to allow playback of DSD128 5.6MHz
Internal power supply keeps interference lower and cabling neater
Wolfson WM8741 DAC chips, 1 chip per channel
Retains fully balanced design of the LUMIN family – including XLR outputs
Compact case with solid aluminium CNC front panel
Available in black anodised finish as well as raw silver
Gigabit Ethernet

Lumin D2 streamer

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