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Musical Fidelity M3SCD

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The M3scd is designed to provide excellent CD reproduction and to be a digital hub.
In addition to CD it has 3 digital inputs: coax, optical and asynchronous USB. It can thus be used as a DAC if your amplifier has few/no digital inputs or to give your TV much better sound.
The technical performance is excellent; it has very low distortion, extremely low jitter, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, extremely flat frequency response, exemplary linearity and excellent channel separation.
All in all, the M3scd provides excellent CD playback and can act as a versatile digital hub at the same time.
Stereoplay writes: “Sensitive, precise, very relaxed. Price/performance: outstanding.”
M3scd in brief:

CD player and digital hub
Excellent technical performance
Very good CD readability
Multiple digital inputs – coaxial, optical and asynchronous USB
Very low jitter
Excellent build quality and convenient size
Available in black or silver

For 30 years, Musical Fidelity has developed products with a natural, authentic sound reproduction with plenty of authority, which has made the name respected all over the world. The amplifiers all feature powerful ring core transformers and oversized power supplies, ensuring that even difficult speakers can be driven without problems by a Musical Fidelity amplifier. Only the best components are used and this, together with the control both during and at the end of production, ensures an extremely low error rate.

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Musical Fidelity M3SCD

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