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Uncompromising reference preamplifier.

Describing a NAC S1 Statement preamplifier is a bit like describing the feeling of driving the best cars, drinking the best wines, eating at the best restaurants, lying on the best beaches, enjoying the view from the highest mountain tops – you can try, but those who listen to all these accounts will never fully understand the excitement – because you have to experience it for yourself.

The very idea of a Statement amplifier was first brought up more than 10 years ago, and the actual work was started in 2011.
The Statement IS for connoisseurs and few have had the opportunity to hear it. They were all captivated….

The key word for the Statement is: UNWANTED. There is a total focus on musical communication and a calm that draws the listener into the music and makes them feel absolutely present.
The NAC S1 Statement can be purchased on its own, but we recommend a complete system, including the NAP S1 Statement monoblocks.

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