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Our offers and Ex-Display products are typically showroom models or leftovers that we have bought from our suppliers at favourable prices. In other words, here you have an opportunity to make an exceptionally good deal.

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  • New -23% Off
    1.287,00 stk

    demo-model, perfekt stand Disse hovedtelefoner, der er fremstillet i Frankrig, indeholder eksklusive Focal-teknologier, et resultat af banebrydende forskning inden for akustik. Højttalerenhederne er sammensat af en unik magnesiumkegle, et materiale, der muliggør skarp, præcis, effektfuld afspilning, der resulterer i forbløffende ægte lyd.

  • New -45% Off
    1.429,86 stk

    Mindre skramme på bagside og top

  • New -19% Off
    740,35 stk

    demo-model, har kun været udstillet i butikken, sendes i original emballage

  • New
    519,35 stk

    Ny, leveres uden emballage, har været påsat pladespiller fra fabrik normalpris 4.995,- læs mere

  • New
    39,00 stk

    Isotek 24k powerplugs Stand: Nye Vejlpris: 590kr pr stk Tilbud.Pris: 300kr pr stk

  • -20% Off
    519,35 stk

    Vertikal/væghængt bluetooth pladespiller fremvisning i butik – plombering brudt på kasse, aldrig spillet læs mere

  • -35% Off
    245,70 stk

    pris pr. stk.

  • -25% Off
    1.558,70 stk

    demo- model, har været udstillet i butikken, perfekt stand alt medfølger læs mere

  • -14% Off
    389,35 stk

    Retur vare, perfekt stand, alt medfølger læs mere

  • - 32 % Off
    1.949,86 sæt 3.249,86 sæt

    MB2.5 B har et solidt fundament i den nordiske designtradition. Enkel og  elegant,  når den ses direkte forfra, og buet og organisk, set fra en vinkel. Højttalerens afrundede kanter reducerer diffraktion og minimerer det lydmæssige aftryk på frekvensresponsen. Det betyder ikke noget, om dit hjem er moderne eller klassisk, det tidløse design…

  • -26% Off
    1.105,00 stk

    Demo model i hvid. Stand: 9/10  

  • Call +45 98 16 14 10 for price.

    Aavik D580 – DAC Score: 9,5/10 New price: 150,000kr Demo.Price: CALL FOR PRICE.

  • - 40 % Off
    38,35 stk 64,35 stk

    DC power adapter (5V/9V/12V/15V) Do you have underlying noise in your system that you can’t explain? It can be as simple as your power supply. Upgrade to iFi iPower to feed your system’s circuitry with clean audio quality and solve problems in both the output and input phases. read more

  • -30% Off
    2.047,50 stk

    only 1 piece! demo model in black, condition 9/10 For those who want a player dedicated solely to CD playback, the CD35 is available without price controls and connectivity technology, but with the same exceptional drive, DAC and output as the CD35 Prisma. Prisma technology can be added as a…

  • -42% Off
    909,35 stk

    demo model – stand 9/10 – All-in-one music system that sounds as good as it looks.   Inputs Hi-Res Bluetooth audio with aptxHD/aptX/LDAC/HWA(LHDC)/AAC Networked Audio with playback from NAS or server, Airplay, streaming audio (Spotify/Apple Music/Amazon Music/Tidal hifi/Deezer etc.) and USB storage /SD Card 44.1kHz/16Bit – 192kHz/32Bit Coaxial and optical…

  • -35% Off
    8.838,70 stk

    demo model – stand 9,5/10 JBL S3900 – A true high-end speaker! The JBL S3900 is a 3-way floorstanding speaker with two powerful 10″ bass units combined with the two specially manufactured high-end compression drivers with pure-titanium membranes, which are mounted on bi-radial horns by SonoGlass. The Compressions drivers are…

  • -50% Off
    195,00 stk

    Shawline Streaming digital audio interconnect Shawline Streaming interconnects are designed to offer the very best musical performance from streaming audio systems. They are built to our exacting standards and rigorously tested at our UK facility. They are part of the Shawline range which includes digital and analogue interconnects, loudspeaker and…

  • 2.288,00 stk

    only 1 set COLOUR : WHITE SILK Demo set Audiovector QR 3 – Infinite speaker for the price The new QR 3 is a slim and compact 2½-way speaker that defies the laws of physics with its big, rich and detailed sound. These speakers are able to play incredibly loud…

  • 2.288,00 stk

    only 1 set, demo model COLOR: BLACK HIGH GLOSS Audiovector QR 3 – Infinite speaker for the price The new QR 3 is a slim and compact 2½-way speaker that defies the laws of physics with its big, rich and detailed sound. These speakers are able to play incredibly loud…

  • 3.562,00 stk

    only 1 set color: Vhite silk demo set   Audiovector QR 5 – A high-performance speaker with a simple design The aim of the QR series is to offer the most advanced technology in a perfectly finished and proportioned high-end package. That goal is certainly achieved with the biggest and…

  • - 22 % Off
    1.413,75 stk 1.803,75 stk

    Primare I15 Prism. Integrated amplifier with Dac and streaming. With the I15 prisma, Swedish Primare really proves how far they have come. The I15 is Primares smallest amplifier in the new range, both in size and sheer muscle… How many expectations can one really afford to have for such a…

  • - 21 % Off
    350,35 stk 442,00 stk

    Keces P3/P8 Linear power supply. “The New Black” Keces power supplies have really caught on with a growing number of enthusiasts, and for good reason. Namely SOUND QUALITY…. A Keces P3/P8 dual linear power supply is capable of powering two low-voltage products at once. For example, a router and an…

  • - 30 % Off
    805,21 stk 2.300,35 stk

    Chord PowerHAUS – Less noise, more music Chord’s new high-end power strip comes in two different variants – the S6 (Studio) and M6 (Master) which is their flagship model. These power rails are the result of one of the longest production development phases Chord has ever undertaken, and that says…

  • - 26 % Off
    337,35 stk 389,35 stk

    Platinum Blonde The first step-up from the Opus3, the Platinum3 puts Jarrah wood and a twin magnet system to work for your favorite music.