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Primare A 35.2 power amp.

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Primare A35.2 – Power amplifier.

Better late than never…

The wait was unusually long for Primares’ new flagship power amplifier…
But it was definitely worth the wait.

It should be no secret that we at The Sound Specialist are deeply impressed with what Primare has managed to squeeze out of this fabulous amp.

With its solid 200w/8ohm, and Primares now well-known and infamous UFPD 2 Class D amplification, expectations were of course high.
Add to that Primares’ usual ultra-high build quality and their know-how in circuit technology, and it all adds up to one thing….world-class sound, nothing less will do…
The price indicates otherwise, but that’s basically how it’s always been with Primare.
This is definitely value for money.

The A35.2 is arguably Primares best power amp to date, significantly better than their previous reference the A60, which was and still is excellent.
And significantly better than their highly acclaimed A32.
The A35.2 is just on a different level sound-wise.
The sound is so elegant, resolved and nuanced that it can undoubtedly take on the really heavy and expensive boys on the market.
But at a price that is more than reasonable considering the performance.
This is full-blooded High End at a price where the majority of enthusiasts and music lovers can join.

If you want to go all the way and achieve the ultimate, the A35.2 can be bridged to an incredible “800w/8ohm”.
Buy two of these and get unbelievable impact and control over your speakers.

Well, the A35.2 was certainly worth the wait.
We’d be very surprised if the A35.2 didn’t also win an Eisa award, just like its smaller siblings in Primares’ latest product ranges.

A shockingly good amplifier to say the least.

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Primare A 35.2 power amp.

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