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Primare I35 Prisma

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Primare I35 – Prism.


The successor to the well-known and highly acclaimed Primare I32 .
The I35 – Prisma is a radical reworking of the technology behind its predecessor, the I32.
Primares’ proprietary UFPD classD technology has been further refined and tuned to a degree where it can really be heard.
The UFPD2 is superior to its predecessor in every way, and the sonic improvements are quite striking.
With the UFPD 2, Primares I35 Prisma takes another big step up the ladder sonically.
Built-in Prisma module for streaming and a highly competent Dac. ( AKM – AK4497), makes the I35 a top-of-the-range audio performer at any price.

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Primare I35 Prisma

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